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Western High School students, faculty, staff, and of course, alumni who have joined the Western High School Alumni Association receive a free e-mail account as part of their membership.

In the vast majority of cases, the WHSAA e-mail address will follow a standard naming convention such as:


When circumstances arise where two or more members have the same first and last names, the member joining the WHSAA first will be identified under the standard naming convention, and subsequent members will be offered alternatives.

To review mailbox options available to WHSAA members,
click here.

Mailboxes on the WHSAA webmail server cannot be setup or modified by members directly.  All requests related to e-mail accounts should be directed to the website administrator.

For instruction on how to configure your e-mail application to send and receive mail using your WHSAA e-mail account, click here.

To access the webmail server for your WHSAA e-mail account, click here.