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Western High School Historical Tidbits

  • Suggested first names for the school were "John J. Pershing" and "General Bill Mitchell" Junior High School
  • The school was named after Western Avenue which was "way-out-west".
  • The first school newspaper was named the WESTERN HI-LITE.
  • The first yearbook was named THE PIONEER.
  • Sugar beets grew on the first grassless football field.
  • A local farmer had to move after the football team woke up his chickens during summer drills.
  • The school opened in September 1954 and the official dedication was January 6, 1955 at 10:00 a.m.
  • The first drill team was known as the TOPPERS and became the SILHOUETTE DRILL TEAM with the famous top hat and tails routine.
  • Mr. Encheff began the LIVING CHRISTMAS TREE in 1958.
  • Brookhurst was in double session on the Western Junior High School campus until the Spartan campus was ready.
  • The school was built for 800 students and they had 1,600 the second year.
  • The first graduating senior high school class was 1960.
  • The conversion from junior high school to high school began in the fall of 1957 with grades nine and ten.
  • Some students stayed for six years and that is why the old senior "circle" has six sides.
  • Early pep rallies were held on the overhang outside the cafeteria.
  • A large "W" was painted on the roof over room #22.
  • The school seal was designed in 1957 - A circular figure rimmed by 12 scallops.
  • The PIONEER GATE was established in 1966 based on a 300 year old tradition at Brown University.

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